Mission of the Rovinj Heritage Museum 
The Rovinj Heritage Museum performs its twofold function: first, in its role as gallery and second, in its role as heritage museum.
The Rovinj Heritage Museum is an institution-custodian of historical and cultural heritage of the City of Rovinj, a treasure trove of artefacts and witnesses of bygone times. For this purpose, it:
- systematically collects and safekeeps cultural and natural assets from prehistory to the present and ensures that they are processed with due expert care,
- arranges the material into collections, and organises the collections into departments,
- ensures the permanent protection and documentation of museum holdings, museum localities and sites,
- presents heritage to the public through permanent or occasional exhibitions and through expert, scholarly and other means of communication, educational workshops, lectures and conferences 
- collaborates with cultural institutions aimed at exchanging and complementing the overall  knowledge about heritage.
The Rovinj Heritage Museum will endeavour to fulfil its mission working in close collaboration with the local community, researching and collecting the available tangible and intangible heritage.
It will provide secure areas for the permanent storage of museum holdings and complete protection of all collected objects, materials, sites and localities, along with conservation and restoration of artefacts and rigorous processing and interpretation of materials. 
It shall ensure adequate premises for the permanent collection presenting a chronology of  city founding and city development alongside notable events and persons whose activities have contributed to the image of the Rovinj that we inherit today.   



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