Stancoviciana Memorial Library

Petar Stanković (Barban, 1771 – Barban, 1852), canon and polyhistor from Barban. Educated in Rovinj, Udine and Padua. Ordained in Pula in 1795, and soon conferred the title of canon of the church of St. Nicholas in Barban. This man of broad learning and skills and versatile interests studied archeology, history, linguistics, poetry, folk traditions, agricultural technical inventions, zoology, botanics, geology and other sciences. Indeed, he was a homo universalis of the first half of the nineteenth century. Stanković penned 24 titles, all of which in Italian, except for Kratki nauk karstianski from 1828. His work about notable Istrians Biografia degli uomini distinti dell’Istria (1828–29) is of great importance. During his lifetime, Stanković collected a very valuable library with around 3000 titles which he bequeathed to the city of Rovinj. The name of the library is Stancoviciana, and it resides at the Rovinj Heritage Museum. In time, Stancoviciana was augmented by private libraries of several renowned individuals, so that it now numbers 7008 volumes. The oldest book in the collection is De evangelica praeparatione published in 1501. Some books are decorated with valuable and rich illustrations and bound in wood or leather. The owner's ex libris appears in 2896 books.

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