Registration of Modern Art Collection

Rovinj Heritage Museum, Trg m. Tita 11, Rovinj
27 January 2012 - 27 April 2012

Ministry of Culture issued a decision establishing that the holdings of the Regional Museum of Rovinj (510: ROV) and a collection of modern and contemporary art (2265 cases) has the status of cultural goods within the meaning of the Act on the Protection and Preservation of Cultural Heritage. In its ruling the Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art, Regional Museum of Rovinj entered in the Register of Croatian cultural heritage - the list of protected cultural property under the number 5242nd This entry was published in "Official Gazette" in accordance with Article 16 Law on the Protection and Preservation of Cultural Heritage; Class: 612-08/10-12/0016; No: 532-04-01-1/3-11-19 of, 1 July, 2011. This is a computer-generated translation
"A collection of modern and contemporary art," Regional Museum of Rovinj includes works of Croatian and foreign artists, covering a wide time range from the early 20th century to today. In the half-century collection period, a significant proportion of a Council for Science and Culture of the People's Republic of Croatian with their purchases. The most valuable collection of works were acquired by purchasing the said Council, later rw-a. Through acquisitions and donations, and republican institutions themselves begin to have a museum and lasting until the early eighties making based on the Rovinj collections. The collection is completed by the gift. Most artists have traditionally donated rule, and still gives, at a time when his work was held solo exhibitions in the museum gallery of Rovinj. Group exhibitions with the purchasing prizes is also a continuous and good way to collect art materials for collection. The collection is also enriched with various donations, of which the most significant donations and donations Vilko Šeferov Zlatko and Margaret Knezevic. The collection of the greatest number of cases makes the image, different techniques of watercolor, gouache, tempera, acrylic, collage and mixed techniques and oil paintings. The following are drawings on paper in the technique of pencil, charcoal, showers, pencils, pastels, wax crayons and color. Graphics are also represented in large numbers, the technique of dry needles, etching, aquatint, woodcuts, linocuts, lithographs, monotypes and screen printing. The sculpture has a little less. Can be extracted and a nice collection of ceramics with a few glass cases. The collection also includes photographs of art objects and has the technique of weaving and batik. How Rovinjian collection of modern and contemporary art leads, in the county, the number and value of the collected items, as well as leads and collecting kinds of artistic expression. The collection also among the first purchases in Istria are the installation and a video and a performance. A collection of modern and contemporary art includes material that shows the origins and logical development of certain artistic tendencies, as well as their direct and indirect impacts on the production that follows the same time, the collection reflected actuality Croatian art scene in a particular period as compared to the parallel trends of development of art in a broader regional environment. The collection continues to grow thanks to the long tradition Banketa exhibition, the artists themselves gifts, donations, state purchases and modest purchase prizes relevant new works of artists from Istria, Croatian and other parts beyond. Therefore it is right to say that this collection the most complete and valuable in Istria. Its content includes historical overview and cross section of what is in the period from the mid-20th century until today, the artistic plan occurred in Istria and beyond, with special emphasis on Rovinj and the Rovinj art colonies. Rovinj has since the early fifties of the 20th century became an important art center in Istria. The process of forming art collection began in 1954th , immediately after the creation of the museum. Merit for his founding of attribute group of artists who worked under the name "Rovinj schools" whose initiative prompted awareness of the local community for the need of the museum of cultural institutions. It is this link artists with museum institutions become determinant in the development of special Rovinj Museum. It is designed as a museum - gallery institution to represent, interpret and preserve contemporary art in all its forms, and its inclusion in the public areas of daily life. Since the establishment of the Museum today exhibited were purchased works of Croatian and international artists who at the time of its creation were indicators of quality, interesting, artistic aspirations, and spoke of a new and different visual language. Such continuous operation raised the Rovinj Museum alongside the few who have a permanent exhibition of modern and contemporary art. Among the famous names in the collection are the works of the following artists: K. Angeli Radovani, B. Baretić, B. Bućan, R. G. Bunk, A. Cavalieri, J. Crnobori, B. Cvjetanović, V. Dajht Kralj, V. Delimar, B. Demur, J. Dobrović, V. Dodog Trokut, I. Dulčić, D. Džamonja, E. Feller, A. Floričić, O. Gliha, S. Gračan, F. Hadžić, Ž. Hegedušić, O. Herman, Lj. Ivančić, A. Jakić, Đ. Jandrić, D. Jokanović Toumin, D. Jurić, I. Kalina, N. Kavurić Kurtović, A. Kinert, J. Knifer, M. Kocković, E. Kokot, N. Koydl, I. Kožarić, F. Kulmer, M. Lah, I. Lesiak, I. Lovrenčić, B. Mardešić, B. Mascarelli, Z. Matić, A. Motika, E. Murtić, D. Parać, G. Petercol, O. Petlevski, I. Picelj, Z. Prica, V. Radauš, N. Reiser, J. Runjić, B. Ružić, Đ. Seder, A. Srnec, M. Stančić, M. Šutej, V. Šeferov, B. Šumonja, Đ. Tiljak, J. Vaništa, E. Vidović, M. Vuco, Š. Vulas, S. Vuličević, Đ. Zaluški, M. Zrinščak, G. Žuvela. This is a computer-generated translation
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