Culture and History Collection

The collection incorporates various materials, witnesses to urban living in Rovinj, the development of seafaring, industry, education, etc. Collected and donated from 1962 to 1986, it grew in size owing to donations of Rovinj's families from Rovinj and Italy. Only some two hunded items have been inventoried, while a significant part that should normally be part of the collection has not been inventoried probably because the collection profile has not been articulated and it was presumed that the objects which were not allocated to any other collection were to eventually become part of this collection. A significant part of the collection comprises furniture and other objects belonging to the Hütterotts. More information available in: Doblanović– Marić –Milaković–Ujčić; Obitelj Hütterott. Ostavština. I. part, Pazin-Rovinj, 2008. The process of reorganisation of collections of the Department of History and the Department of Ethnography is currently underway and the collection will become a constituent part of the Hütterott Collection integrating all the items belonging to the family now part of various other collections. Other items will form several new special collections dedicated to particular activities important in shaping the identity of Rovinj and its lifestyle.

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