The Museum of the City of Rovinj-Rovigno has reopened its doors

The Museum of the City of Rovinj-Rovigno has reopened its doors with the exhibition "Galerija na pučini"

Rovinj Heritage Museum, Trg m. Tita 11, Rovinj
Presenting the new exhibition "Galerija na pučini / Galleria in pelago / Gallery at sea", the Museum of the City of Rovinj-Rovigno opened its doors to its visitors this Monday, July 20 th , after a long break.
In addition to being able to see the newly opened exhibition on the first floor,
visitors will also be able to take a walk on the ground floor where the exhibition
"Otisci utisaka / Impressioni impresse" is still ongoing. The second floor will not
be used due to the fact that Baroque murals were discovered through last year’s
conservation and restoration research.
Due to their immense importance, they are included in the national program of the
Croatian Conservation Institute, which will begin on September 7 th with the launch
and restoration, and will be partially open to the public.
Due to adhering to epidemiological measures, the opening of the Museum and the
presentation of the exhibition was not open to the public, but was held in a smaller
group of people, in order to avoid crowds and the impossibility of respecting the
recommended social distancing.
On behalf of the City of Rovinj-Rovigno, the reopening was attended by its Deputy
Mayor, Marino Budicin and associates, heads Maria Črnac Rocco and Edita Sošić
Blažević, as well as the Commander of PFD Rovinj-Rovigno Evilijano Gašpić,
former director of this institution, Argeo Curto, and representatives of the Tourist
Board of Rovinj. In addition, the opening was magnified by representatives of the
Croatian Ministry of Culture, the head of the department of conservation in Pula,
Lorella Limoncin Toth, as well as the chief conservator for movable heritage
Višnja Bralić.
"We were closed for some time not only because of the global pandemic, but also
because of construction and maintenance. Namely, a fire alarm system and
accompanying fire protection measures are being set up, financed by the City of
Rovinj-Rovigno and the Ministry of Culture, and despite the difficult situation, they
also enabled us to begin the process of restoring Califfi Baroque murals as well as
the necessary documentation for its restoration as the first step in designing a
permanent place of exhibition that will present life in Rovinj from prehistory to the
present day" said at the opening the director of the Museum, Tajana Ujčić.

The exhibition "Galerija na pučini / Galleria in pelago / Gallery at sea"
contextualizes paintings from the legacy of the Hütterott family that were once
located on St. Andrew, an island that became the starting point of the Rovinj
Painting Circle after World War II. The exhibition is in its own way, a dedication to
artists who are the originators of Rovinj's art story in a year when, for a well-
known reason, other programs cannot be held, but also an announcement of a more
serious research, valorization and presentation of Rovinj's art circle. Ujčić
comments that due to epidemiological circumstances, Grisia will be symbolically
held in a small circle of people this year, in Mascarelli's garden.
"The gallery at sea has combined a selection from the collection of paintings by
Johann Georg von Hütterott from the island of St. Andrew, with a selection of the
most significant paintings and sculptures by painters who worked in Rovinj during
the 1950s and 1960s and who briefly transformed Rovinj into a vibrant center of
fine arts and creativity. The paintings of old masters, mostly from Venetian
workshops of the 16 th , 17 th and 18 th century, are the most famous part of the
Hütterott collection ", Višnja Bralić addressed the audience on behalf of the
Ministry of Culture.
After that, Slobodan Vuličević's daughter, Antonella, and Bruno Mascarelli's wife,
Marisa, officially opened this exhibition by visiting the first room.
Incidentally, the Hütterott family incorporated many paintings into their living
space, as well as objects they brought from their travels to distant lands. Thus,
authentic "souvenirs" from numerous trips to Africa (Egypt), Asia (China, Japan,
Korea), Oceania, North America and elsewhere arrived at their summer villa in
These very objects became the inspiration for a number of future exhibitions
organized by the Museum of the City of Rovinj. Namely, this year, in cooperation
with the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb and the Archaeological Museum of
Istria in Pula, the exhibition "San o Egiptu / Sognando l'Egitto / Dreaming of
Egypt" was to be organized. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, these museum
dreams have been postponed to the year 2021.
However, one room in the "Gallery at sea" exhibition announces the "Dreaming of
Egypt" exhibition, and so, several items keep the museum’s dreams of Egypt
Višnja Bralić, Argeo Curto, Maurizio Ferlin, Tajana Ujčić from the Museum of the
City of Rovinj and Igor Uranić, our only Egyptologist from the Archaeological
Museum in Zagreb, participated in the design and setup of the exhibition. The
Rovinj-Rovigno Public Fire Department was also of great help, delivering the
items for the exhibition and helping in setting them up.
The museum will remain open until mid-October, when it will once again dedicate
itself to inventory as a basic precondition for the protection of cultural heritage and
the foundation of future development plans of both the Museum and the City of
Rovinj-Rovigno. The exhibition can be seen during the Museum's working hours,
every day except Monday, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m.
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