Eugen Feller

New Paintings

St. Thomas's Church, Bregovita ulica, Rovinj
24 July 2018 - 11 August 2018

"I am trying to find a way to take care of the chaos from my early days!"

Your works, from 1960 to the present; your radical Art Informel, existentialism, geometric abstraction, colour field painting, hard-edge painting, minimalism, as well as connections with New Tendencies, Gorgona and members of Exat 51, followed by self-reflexive art practice and everything else has already been thoroughly examined, explained and described. A constituent part of our (contemporary) art history. However, your more recent paintings somewhat paradoxically remind me of the defined state of the old art history. The kind of art your generation struck the final blow at, blow that showed no mercy for the already languid art. Your current paintings remind me of geometric fields in the painting that symbolize perspective, the golden ratio, Renaissance?

Feller: The golden ratio is the perfection of the geometric base of nature, and Renaissance is the pinnacle of art. In my youth, I was influenced by two friends, Josip Zanetti and Ivo Gattin. They introduced me to the world of art. Gattin was my idol, I emulated him in my own way, we worked together because we were neighbours. I enjoyed it for it was my natural state of mind. It was as natural as it was for a child to stick his finger into the diaper he had just soiled. A pleasure that can be described as love! Today, I am trying to find a way to take care of the chaos from my early days!

Dario Sošić
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Eugen Feller