The Hütterott Archive

The collection comprises photographs and paper items bequeathed by the Hütterott family from Trieste, owners of Rovinj's islands of St. Andrew locally known as Red Island (on the site of a former Benedictine monastery, the family constructed a villa intended to become the centre of the Cap Aureo climate resort), Maškina, Šturaga, St. John, while their mainland properties included Montauro, Monte Mulini, Monvi, Lone, Punta Corrente and Škaraba from 1890 to 1945, the year their property was confiscated. The collection holds personal documents of the family members: Carl Philip, Georg, Marie, Hanna and Barbara, mostly correspondence and papers related to house management, charity activities, companies, property, finances and similar. These documents and photographs shed light on the lifestyle of typical prosperuous Triestine merchants and industrialists who chose Rovinj as their holiday destination. They soon became aware of tourism potentials of the city and they launched its development. Owing to their life's circumstances, the family permanently settled in Rovinj after 1910. One part of the collection is housed at the Pazin State Archives in holdings of the Hütterott (von Hütterott) family, call number: HR-DAPA-806. The process of reorganisation of collections of the Department of History and the Department of Ethnography is currently underway and the collection will become a constituent part of the Hütterott Collection integrating all the items belonging to the family now part of various other collections. More information available in: Doblanović– Marić –Milaković–Ujčić; Obitelj Hütterott. Ostavština. I. part, Pazin-Rovinj, 2008.

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